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Clixsense English Tutorial

CLIXSENSELet me guess, you are trying to earn money online and you are overwhelmed by the large amount of different websites an options. Don’t worry, let us give you a hand.
We gona talk to you about Clixsense, one of the undoubtedly best PTC platforms out there. First of all, let us tell you that this site has been operational since 2007 without any problems at all, so it’s not the “new kid on the block” but a well renown and respected PTC.

So, How can you start earning money on Clixsense?

Well, Clixsense offers you a good array of alternatives to earn money while surfing. Let’s see each one of them.

1. View Ads:

This is by far the easiest way to earn money from Clixsense. No wonder this is a fan favorite. All you have to do is to click on ‘ads’ and wait for the specific time and that’s it, you get paid. Check daily for all available ads. In fact, it is highly recommended to check the site several times a day, there might be new ads every couple of hours. You can even install the Clixsense Toolbar to get more ads.

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2. Tasks
Tasks are an easy and fast way to multiply your earning from Clixsense. Thesare know as mini jobs available and generally, these includes tasks like (Google search, phone number search, categorize online deals, find URLs, address etc.). To earn money through these tasks, you will have to follow detailed instructions on how to complete these “minijobs”. All of your earnings from these tasks will be credited to your main balance instantly.
They are updated frequently so don’t miss them.
The earnings you can obtain from these multiple tasks, are between $0.03 and $0.17 per job. On the other hand, that person who completed the most minijobs, will receive a $50 Bonus. This is a weekly contest that runs from Monday to Sunday.


3. Offers
Here is an already very popular option. On offers you will have to complete offers, surveys, giving you earnings that range from $0.50 to 5$.


4. Play Clixgrid
Well, for those who love to test their luck and fortune, there’s Clixgrid. On this “game” you will have the possibility of winning up to 5$. Other prizes include $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2.50 and 5 more chances. Prize will be credited to your main balance instantly.
How to play? Simple, just click on any grid, then wait for it (it will take 5 seconds for those premium members and 10 seconds for the standard members), once the time is up, you will be notified if you won or not. You will have 50 chances as premium and 25 as standard members.

Play Clixgrid

5. Affiliate program
This is one of the best Affiliate programs available through diferents PTC sites, it works as expected, refer your friends and multiply your earnings. Clixsense has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in PTC industry.
Why? Just keep reading.
Because you will get referral commission whenever you referral:
1. Click ads, (40%)
2. Complete tasks, (10%)
3. Complete offers, (10%)
4. Purchase ads (10% up to $2) and more.

Of course, these values could be affected by the level of your membership.

How much can we earn through this affiliate program? Let’s suppose you have 100 active referrals. In this case, you would be getting a 10 cent commission from their daily tasks from each one of the. This will sump up to $10 daily referral earnings. Not bad huh?
100 referrals x 10 cents = 10$ daily
10$ x 30 days = 300$ monthly
So, as you can see, this affiliate program is very, very rewarding. Even more thanks to the fact that the numbers of affiliates you can earn commissions from is UNLIMITED.

And what about if you have a premium membership? Things get even better. Whenever your referral earns $1 on PTC clicks, you will get $0.50 bonus in return. Standard members do not earn this commission.

Yeah, it is good but, how do I get referrals?

Well, there are a couple ways to do this.
When you are new, the easiest way to do it is referring friends and family. To do this, simply go to “Affiliates/Invite Friends” and put your friends email. Then, when you get the hang of the site, you could build up a marketing strategy, open a blog, site, social networks and start promoting the site THROUGH your reffering link.

How do memberships work?

When you sign up for the first time, you will be a standard member. But you can upgrade to premium for just 17$ a year, which is really, really cheap compared to other PTC programs around the web that will ask you for more than 100$.

What are the benefits of being a premium member?

Well, first of all, Premium members get more benefit that those standard members meaning that their income is of course higher.
There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:
• Referral signup commissions ($0.50 per referral)
• Higher direct referral click commissions
• More chances to win in ClixGrid (%0 chances for premium members and 25 for standard)
• More ads everyday (guaranteed 4 standard ads daily + more)
• 8-Tier Affiliate Program *
• 10% commission for referral tasks and offers (5% for standard members)
• 10% sales commission (up to 2% and $100 limit per referral) while 10% sales commission (up to 1% and $50 limit per referral
Note: You don’t need to upgrade your account withdraw your earnings. Standard members don’t have any limitations, but premium members have better earning opportunities.

But what about Payments?

Not to worry! ClixSense pays through Payza (formerly Alertpay), PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Checks.
Of course, there is a minimum payout value and it is set at $8 for Standard Members and $6 for Premium members. When you reach that amount minimum, you can request a cash out. Payments are issued every Monday.

Premium Clixsense

How much can you earn?

How much can you earn

As you can see, having a good amount of referrals is the way to go. Of course, this won’t come as quick as you might want.

But, there are ways to make this process easier and quicker. In this system, you could earn up to $9,800 every year just working at Clixsense.

We are talking about building your own Clixsense referral Team. Here’s a Brief Explanation:
You can only have 3 Downlines (at your Level 1)
Those 3 downlines (at your Level 1) will make you earn $6.00
(because clixsense pays $2.00 on each downline at your Level 1)

Level 1

But that’s NOT ALL!
Those 3 Downlines you have (at your Level 1)
will also have 3 Downlines at their Level 1 just like you.
So you get a total of 9 Downlines (at your Level 2) making you earn $9.00 (because clixsense pays $1.00 on each downline at your Level 2)

Level 2

And it gets even BETTER! Why? Because those 9 Downlines (at your Level 2) will also have 3 Downlines at their Level 1 just like you. So you get a total of 27 Downlines (at your Level 3) making you earn $27.00 (because clixsense pays $1.00 on each downline at your Level 3)


But, guess what, your Earnings WONT stop at your Level 3, because at Clixsens, you STILL Earn $1.00 on each downlines at your Level 4 down to your Level 8. This is the reason and secret that made Clixsense so popular.
YOU can EARN up to $9,843 every year when you develop a referral team big enough. Let’s get to work!

How much can you earn

So, what do you think? Want to give it a try? If you do, just follow the link below and let’s start building that team up:

Sign up in Clixsense

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