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Merchant Shares: invest and earn profits

Merchant Shares



Hello fellas, today I want to talk you about a platform to make money online, a little bit different from those we already know. We are not talking about PTC or surveys or anything like it.

So, what is Merchant Shares?


Well, in short, this platform is an investment portal, and as its name implies, we have to invest a capital to start, to obtain profits after a certain time without you having to do anything else.

But this is not magic. Merchant Shares multiplies the money they receive from their users, through portfolio investments in sectors such as: Forex Comodities, Stocks (Financial Exchange) and Web Ads.

This page, with 7 years in the business, has recently made a full makeover and a deep redesign. You can notice the difference, but there are still some things to improve.

With the experience they already have in this sector, it is obvious that they know what they do: they invest in stock markets, currency markets, raw materials and advertising. They are the ones who are responsible for doing all the complex calculations, to study these markets and also the ones responsible for obtaining profits with the money the affiliates invest to later distribute a percentage of the profits between them, obviously depending on your initial investment and the sector previously chosen.

Currently we can choose to invest between 1 and 4 different sectors. You have to know that when we invest money in Merchant Shares, this will remain active until we recover 150% of the initial capital while it generates profits every day (some days profits are higher than others). At the moment our investment reaches earnings of 150%, the process is finished and we can reinvest or withdraw our money.

Merchant Shares: characteristics


The site started 8 years ago, registering the company in Dominica in 2007 and it is licensed to operate until 2027. In its platform, the minimum withdrawal is $ 2.50.

To withdraw your money, you can use Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, OKPAY, Perfect-Money, Neteller and Paytoo. The return on investment is set at 150% in a variable term.

formas de pago

About referrals, they allow you until the 1st level, unlimited and with a 5% commission. You can access this platform from anywhere in the world.

The way you get your profits is 1% daily approximately. That is, if you invest $100, you will receive daily payments of $1 until you get $150.

sharing history

Daily performance in each of the Merchant Shares’ portfolios


As you can see, on March 27 all portfolios took some very good yields above 1%.

You can see that there are days when all portfolios, except for Web Ads, agree on a 0,25% yield. That is because on weekends the markets are normally closed.

Merchant Shares guarantees a minimum daily return of 0.25%, which they obtain from funds: they don’t share 100% of the profits but they have a maximum yield of 2.25% daily. If profits exceed this maximum, they would be kept to guarantee the daily minimum offered.

Where to invest?

Merchant Shares gives you the option to invest in 4 different independent portfolios. Each one of them has its own profitability and funds. The portfolios are the following:

Stocks: Investments in stock markets around the world with a daily average yield of 0.947%, that is, a 0.312% net daily (gain on your investment).

Commodities: Raw materials investments (gold, silver, copper, oil) with an average of 0.978% per day, equivalent to 0.323% net daily.

For-ex: Investments in the foreign exchange market. It is the most volatile portfolio and has an average of 0.875% daily, since the first time we registered.

WebAds: Relatively new Portfolio with the highest profitability. You can invest and generate profits through web advertising.


Merchant Shares’ risk


Actually, the risk is quite low, at least a lot lower than trying to invest money for yourself without the knowledge or tools needed. It is no accident that Merchant Shares is supported by almost a decade of operation.

Here’s a picture of how my investments behave currently in the different portfolios.


As you can see my main investment has always been focused on Web ads, because these months I’ve been following it closely and it has shown itself as the most profitable one. With this I don’t mean I make more money with it than with the other ones. As we already explained, is the same rate for all portfolios (150%). The difference lies in the daily rate of return, which is higher and will give us our profits in less time.

Now the web has changed and the way to do reinvestments is easier for users. I’ll show you some pictures so you can see it for yourself.


As you can see now is easier to do a reinvestment. You only have to click on the transfer tab, and then select the amount we want, either to withdraw the funds or to make a reinvestment. In this case I’m going to make a reinvestment. You must also take into account that the minimum amount to invest or reinvest is $20. I tell you this because if you want to reinvest, just be sure to have the required amount for it.

Then you have to go to the Invest tab to reinvest or to the Withdrawal tab if you want to withdraw your money. In this case I’m going to show you how a reinvestment shall be made.

reinvertir ganancias
We should go to the invest tab and select the payment method, as you can see above, then select the amount of money you want to reinvest from your wallet, select the portfolio sector and click on submit. Then the reinvestment is ready.
Shares Merchant is a website that, like I said before, is in the business for many years now because of its safeness and effectiveness.
Finally, I leave you a couple of videos, as usual, where you can see everything very well explained. Although it is based on the old web design, is not a problem since the operation is the same.


And this is the last one I did about it:

It is time to say goodbye. I hope you liked the post. If you have questions or doubts leave them in the comments section and I will answer them as soon as possible.
And as usual, if you want to join my Merchant Shares team, you can do it by clicking on the banner below:
Merchant Shares

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